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Payment Information

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Dependent on your selected treatment and/or consultation you will be requested to make a part or full payment upfront. This can be completed online or via our booking team.

Deposit/upfront payment is normally between £49 – £500, if you are unsure of the requested payment, contact a member of our team for clarification.

If you have been given the treatment as a gift, or you have purchased a prepayment option (gift card or voucher), please let our staff know the security code instead of making a payment, and continue reading the below.


For online payment, please select the below PayPal link and don’t forget to leave your name as a reference.


Bellisimos PayPal Click Here

As an alternative, it may be possible to send us your prepayment security code. Remember vouchers have expiry dates and appointment are subject to availability.


Once you have completed your online payment, contact a member of our team to update your transaction, which will allow us to confirm the payment has been received and secure the requested appointment. Appointments are only booked following confirmation of a deposit and a communication sent by Bellisimos to confirm your appointment is “secured”. Until then the appointment is subject to change.


All payments are subject to our standard terms, which include but are not limited to the following policies; no refund,  no guarantee, no appointment amendments and full payment accountability. Bellisimos holds a number of  tried and true values which we believe are shared across the world and more specifically the community Bellisimos has built around its customers, however, we understand that our protocols may not match everyone’s views,  so we urge you to consider whether Bellisimos is the right match for you prior to booking, as we strictly follow our protocols and processes. Our T&C’s and selected policies are available via our website, if you are in doubt please ask our team, although all information is subject to change.


In the exceptional circumstances where no deposit is requested or other prepayment services are used, terms still apply

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