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Appointment Request

We always recommend you check our schedule in line with your availability to avoid disappointment when making plans or trying to book an appointment in readiness for a special occasion. Why not book ahead and plan for a successful treatment.

Please read all information prior to completing the first stage and others

   Stage one | Check Availability

Upon requesting an appointment, please send your availability to a member of our team


When confirming your availability, please deliverer the information in a way that enables us to look for a pattern for weeks ahead, for example:


I am free every Friday and Wednesday, excluding next Friday and Mondays after 18:00 pm


I can attend any appointment as long as its either on a Sunday or between 13: 00 pm and 14:00 pm


Remember the more flexible you are with your availability the sooner we can book your appointment.


This enables us to simply look at the dairy and select the next available appointment in line with your  availability, instead of sending communication back and forth discussing specific days,  which will impact you by delaying the booking process by sometimes days, and normally results in a later appointment as our dairy updates hourly with new bookings.


Please note, Bellisimos clinics rarely have availability for short term appointment requests, such as one to two weeks.

Send your information to us via our various touch points such as “Facebook” or our contact us page

Stage Two | Payment

To secure your appointment, our team will need either an upfront payment or prepayment information such as a voucher security code

For more information, please select the following link:


Stage Three | Agreement

When booking an appointment with Bellisimos you agree to our terms of service, here is more information for you to read




additional links in our footer and various information can be found via our website. If in doubt, ask a member of our team about a specific question

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