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Service Level

Service Levels are managed to achieve service with a smile, our main goal here is to share current and estimated service levels with our clients, be transparent and set clear expectations. Choosing different communication methods to contact Bellisimos will result in your inquiry being filtered into different queues, this may speed up the time between questions and response, impacting other people behind your positions due to duplicated contact with us. Please, refer to the below information to choose the most effective way to contact us based on your timelines.

Bellisimos gracefully engage clients at the paces mentioned below. You will notice we have our service level agreements which are our aims and goals versus current performance.

It’s important to understand we are a systematized organisation which only operates efficiently due to our ability to follow our step by step process without fail

Remember to check our opening days here and time on the following link to enable you to correctly measure the service levels. If we are closed then the days will not be included towards the service level agreement. To find out our switchboard hours please, click here

If you have not been contacted back within our current performance levels, please complete the form at the bottom of the page

Active Channels

Facebook & Instagram

Five Day Agreement

Bellisimos currently have a 100 percent Service Levels. Data projects an active response time between 1-2 days

Instagram and Facebook historically hold our quickest response time. This is a great method to maintaining contact with Bellisimos.  The Social media teams have challenges when booking appointments, if they are not given a number of options by the client or the client isn’t able to secure and confirm before the diary updates.

Call Backs

Three Day Agreement

Bellisimos currently have a 100 percent Service Levels. Data projects an active response time between 3-4 days

Bookings Only


Same Day

IMPORTANT: Please, only check our website for official opening times instead of third party websites

Bookings Only

Other Channels

Twitter & Others

Not Applicable

Twitter has a slower response time versus Instagram and Facebook. The Twitter response time is normally within Five days, however, other channels such as Pinterest and Periscope etc. are normally either on auto response to request communication via other channels or are simply not manned. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience and we hope to bridge this gap in the near future. If you feel this has impacted you, please feed this back as it will speed up the implementation process on supporting the additional platforms

Face To Face

Not available 

To streamline our operations, our front of house and clinical staff are unable to book new appointments or outside of an agreed treatment plan.


One Calendar month

Our Back Office Support and Administration teams are unable to support general enquiries or bookings, please refer to the below options to arrange an appointment and/or consultation. The team will send an automated response to direct your inquiry to the below channels.

Our Service Level

We have ambitions and a goal to achieve 90% of our service level agreement and have achieved an overall Green Service Level on an Annual Basis. As we strive to continue standards it’s safe to assume we will fall within service levels at any given time of the year, however, it is fair to mention that from time to time service levels may dip, and could result in a far longer wait time. The service level is a great measure to maintain and uplift performance. Please, refer to the below columns to seek our current service levels.

This page is updated when service levels move between Red, Amber and Green


If we are above an 85% Service Level you will see us in Green, Amber is between 51% – 84% and Red is below 50%.


Tracking our service levels is a good indicator to understand if there are any backlogs across our different channels. If there is a backlog, please hold off from re-connecting with us as it will impact service levels and other customers

All service levels are based on working business days (Monday – Friday) and scheduled closes are not included. To find out more information on scheduled closes, please click here

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